Praxis South

Praxis South includes the Dioceses of Canterbury, Chichester, Guildford, London, Portsmouth, Rochester, Salisbury, Southwark and Winchester.

Proposed events for 2017

Worshipping where people are: transforming lives

Thursday 18th May

Southwark Cathedral

10.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Speakers: The Rev'd Dr Steve Summers and The Rev'd John Leach

The Rev'd Dr Steve Summers is the Principal of the Local Ministry Programme for Guildford Diocese. He has worked as a parish priest, a Youth & Community Worker, and a Christian Centre Director. His research interest is in friendship’s place in contemporary culture, and in how the Church might reconnect with Jesus’ own description of his disciples in St John 15.9-17 ‘you are my friends’.

Steve's Keynote talk is "The Eucharist, a Meal with Friends". Whilst the Eucharist is certainly a symbolic meal that points very clearly to the cross event, there is a danger that the Church can focus on the ritualistic and symbolic, at the expense of its roots in a communal meal. The nature of friendship and what difference it might make if we began to think of the central act of worship – the Eucharist – as a meal with friends. We know the value that sharing such a meal has in our social lives, what might we learn from this in our worshipping context?

The Rev’d John Leach is a teacher and trainer currently working in the Mission Team of Lincoln Diocese and is a liturgist and musician. He is at the moment working for a doctorate in Anglican charismatic worship.

John's keynote talk is, Encountering God in Worship: worship which is more effectively transformational by looking beyond words, words, words? What new dimensions might lead to more engagement?

There will be workshops after lunch, which will extend the keynote talk themes.

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Map of Southwark Cathedral

Bless your enemies; pray for those who persecute you: worship to mend and reconcile.

Easy to say; difficult to do. A day exploring how we can help to mend damaged relationships between people and communities in our worship.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

10.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
St Luke’s Church
Sydney St, Chelsea
London, SW3 6NH

St. Luke's is about 10 minutes walk from South Kensington & Sloane Square Tube Stations and directions can be seen on the church website:

N.B. Parking is very restricted.

Speakers: Bishop Christopher Cocksworth, and Bishop Brian Castle

Christopher Cocksworth is bishop of Coventry and previously Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. A prolific author, Christopher has served on the Liturgical Commission and is currently chair of the Faith and Order Commission.

Brian Castle was bishop of Tonbridge prior to retirement. Previously he had been Director of Pastoral Studies at Ripon College Cuddesdon.

+Christopher will speak to “Father, Forgive”: Coventry’s contribution to breaking the cycles of enmity’. He’ll tell something of the story of Coventry’s ministry of reconciliation and he’ll make use of its Litany of Reconciliation with its powerful refrain, ‘Father, Forgive’. What is so interesting about the Litany is that by omitting ‘them’ it confesses complicity rather than apportioning blame. The instinct of Coventry immediately after the bombing of the Cathedral in 1940 was the need to reach out to enemies rather than condone further cycles of retaliation and revenge. This history - and its ongoing story of reconciliation - gives something of a framework for the issues that we discuss and their liturgical implications.

+ Brian will reflect on his own work into reconciliation to get people thinking about the various steps for how that needs to be reflected in liturgy'

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Map of St Luke's, Chelsea

Committee Members

  • Chair: The Reverend Canon Norman Boakes - Winchester
  • Vice Chair: The Reverend Peter Furber - Praxis
  • Secretary: The Reverend Jax Machin - Winchester
  • Treasurer: The Reverend Sue Murray - Chichester
  • Committee Member: Rosemary Walters - Canterbury
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Matthew Rushton - Canterbury
  • Committee Member: Barbara Skilton - Southwark
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Canon Stuart Thomas - Guildford
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Emma Smith - London
  • Committee Member: Hilary Spurgeon - Portsmouth
  • Committee Member: The Reverend John Tranter - Rochester
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Pat Dickin - Rochester
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Deborah Larkey - Salisbury
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Michael Camp - Salisbury
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Dr Gordon Jeanes - Southwark
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Canon Sue Wallace - Winchester

The South region

Dioceses of Praxis South


  1. Salisbury
  2. Winchester
  3. Guildford
  4. London
  5. Southwark
  6. Rochester
  7. Canterbury
  8. Portsmouth
  9. Chichester

Scenes from Praxis South Events

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